What Does this Sign Mean?

All of us with The AJ Show are starting to get settled with our new home on Energy 103.7.  The one BIG thing that our co-workers joke about is the actual building itself.  Personally, I find it charming as it isn’t the newest, cleanest, or most organized building but it has that interesting quirk to it.  Every morning, Tonya and I have to set up our studio to our specifications because other people use it during the day and we end up moving our stuff in and out but in the end it works out! 

photo1 What Does this Sign Mean?

However, there is something funny about sharing a studio with other people!  Someone has hung up this photo which reminds me of something you would see at your grandparents house or a senior citizen center.  What does it actually mean?  Is it inspirational or is it a cute way to say something?

photo What Does this Sign Mean?

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