The 30-Day Squat Challenge!

My wife and her co-workers decided to start the 30-Day Squat Challenge today!

What is it?

It’s something my wife’s co-workers found online and decided to do to firm their tushy!  Well if you are a long time listener, you know that I am lacking a “booty!”  (Yes, it serious does hurt for me to sit for long periods of time as I have very little padding!)

So, I decided that to work on my very own booty to one day be as “donkey-bootylicious!”  (I’ll never reach Tonya status but I can try!)

Here is the challenge…

Squat Challenge

Here is proof that my wife and I did it!  (Plus my daughter enjoyed us using her as a weight!)

Yoli doing her 50 Squats

Hula does his 50 Squats

AJ and Dorothy Join me on the Squat Challenge!

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