Who on the show is an Undercover Freak, What TV show would you binge watch, and more in today’s podcast!

Did you miss the AJ Show or just want to replay back something you heard? Check out today’s AJ Show podcast for Friday, May 9, 2014!

6:10am: AJ registers his daughter into Pre-K

6:20am: Find out which female Energy artists are calling each other copy cats in the Buzz

6:40am: What TV show should you binge watch?

7:10am: Kid Smarts with Niko

7:20am: Find out which musician is going to be making BILLIONS soon in the Buzz

7:40am: Who on the show is an undercover freak?

8:00am: Battle of the Hoods- IB vs Paradise Hills

8:10am: We continue talking about the glow in the dark lingerie

8:20am: Find out which high profile couple is breaking up in the Buzz

8:40am: Best male butt on prime time TV

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