Can You Survive The Traps In Home Alone?

Do you think you could survive Kevin McCallister's traps he set for The Wet Bandits?

YouTubber Vsauce3 recreated some of the Home Alone booby traps to see if an average human-being could physically survive the mayhem that Kevin McCallister inflicts on The Wet Bandits (Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern).

With the help of a ballistics dummy, Vsauce3 recreated the famous hot doorknob, paint-can to the head, and the crowbar to the chest scenes and guess what? You’re only walking away from 1 of those. The paint-can and crowbar would literally kill you, hence ruining your Christmas.

It still amazes audiences today that the Wet Bandits would be able to survive all those traps. But a cheap aluminum shovel swung by a 70 year old man knocks them out cold? Only in Hollywood.


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