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[VIDEO] Congressman’s Son Grounded for Dabbing in Front of Paul Ryan

By Evonne Ermey

Politics met pop culture in an awesome way yesterday when a congressman’s son used his dad’s swearing in to dab in front of a bewildered House Speaker Paul Ryan!

The video shows newly elected Republican representative for Kansas, Roger Marshall, being sworn in by House Speaker Paul Ryan. Marshall’s son, 17-year old Cal, stands between them holding a bible and wearing a smirk signaling impending mischief. As the two men stand with hands on the book, Cal seizes the moment! Oh does he ever! The look on Ryan’s face is amazing and bewildered and worth every moment that you will be grounded, Cal, we promise!

For those of you who haven’t looked at the internet, or football, or… the world, dabbing is a move made popular by an Atlanta rap group called Migos and their song “Look at my Dab.” It quickly surged across NFL touchdown zones (Cam Newton, in particular, is a fan), it became the subject of countless Vine videos, and even Hillary Clinton got in on the action, dabbing on Ellen.

The move involves extending one arm out straight while resting your head in the crook of the other arm. It looks like this:

CHARLOTTE, NC - JANUARY 17: Carolina Panther teammates do "the dab" during the finals seconds of the NFC Divisional Playoff Game (Halverson/Getty Images)

CHARLOTTE, NC – JANUARY 17: Carolina Panther teammates do “the dab” during the finals seconds of the NFC Divisional Playoff Game (Halverson/Getty Images)

As Paul Ryan asks the boy to put his arm down, Cal’s confused father offers an explanation. “He’s sneezing,” he says about to the strange behavior. Ahahahaha!

Sources close to Cal (his dad) have let the Twittersphere know that Cal has been grounded.

Was it worth it, Cal? We’re not the ones doing the time, but we’re here to tell you that it totally was. You’re our new internet hero. We’re doing a long, slow clap for you, sir.

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