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Star Wars Graces The Cover Of Vanity Fair For 40th Anniversary

Vanity fair puts out 4 different Star Wars-themed covers in honor of the franchises 40th anniversary

Energy 103.7–21 hours ago

What You Missed From The 2017 Billboard Music Awards

The 2017 Billboard Award Show was filled with spectacular performances and historical outings

Energy 103.7–05/22/2017

[WATCH] Jennifer Lawrence Gets Down and Dirty At Strip Club

Jennifer Lawrence goes wild at a strip club in Austria

Energy 103.7–05/18/2017

Meet The Men For The New Season Of The Bachelorette

Chris Harrison reveals the men who will be competing for Rachel Lindsey’s heart

Energy 103.7–05/18/2017

Selena Sparks Controversy With Scary Post

Selena Gomez posted a scary picture that involves Selena dealing with some health issues.

Energy 103.7–05/17/2017

The Overall Quality Of Living In San Diego

The quality of living in San Diego has made some significant improvements and also has had some setbacks.

Energy 103.7–05/17/2017

San Diego Lands In The Top 10 Fittest Cities

In a recent list made by the American Fitness index, San Diego cracked the Top 10 for the fittest cities in America

Energy 103.7–05/17/2017

How To Reset Your Netflix After A Break Up

The answer to how to fix your Netflix queue that is filled with all your ex’s favorite shows.

Energy 103.7–05/17/2017

Top 10 Burger Joints In The USA

The top 10 list of all the burger joints in the country

Energy 103.7–05/17/2017

Camila Cabello Gets Sexy To Promote Her New Single

Camila Cabello tweeted out three teaser video to promote her new solo album.

Energy 103.7–05/16/2017

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