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[WATCH] AJ Interviews The Power Rangers!

‘Saban’s Power Rangers’ comes out this weekend and AJ got to chat all about the new movie with the Red, Pink and Black rangers themselves! Check out the interview with the actors who play these Power Rangers, Ludi Lin, Naomi Scott and Dacre Montgomery!

Energy 103.7–03/24/2017

[PICS] WHAT HAPPENED HERE?! Help Us Solve This Mystery!

AJ saw this scrolling through his facebook feed with a caption sayibng something like “Mother ocean claimed my fingers” WHAT?! HOW?! WE NEED AN EXPLANATION!!!! Can you tell us how something like this could happen? It’s such a clean cut!

Energy 103.7–03/23/2017

[WATCH] Justin Bieber Takes His Shirt Off And Dances With An Elderly Woman

Whiloe in New Zealand, Justin Bieber goes shirtless to dance with an older woman.

Energy 103.7–03/22/2017

[WATCH] An Amazing Behind-The Scenes Look At The Calvin Harris Hit Song “Slide” Featuring Frank Ocean and Migos

Calvin went to Twitter to give his fans a short video of the behind-the-scenes process for “Slide”

Energy 103.7–03/21/2017

[PHOTO] Ariel Winter’s Cleavage Takes Over The Internet Yet Again

Ariel Winter rocks another risque outfit while holding a massive cigar

Energy 103.7–03/21/2017

[PHOTO] 2 Year-Old Ed Sheeran Look-A-Like Charms The Internet

The internet was blessed this weekend with an adorable picture of a 2 year-old girl who just so happens to look exactly like Ed Sheeran.

Energy 103.7–03/20/2017

[WATCH] Adele Pulls Off The Assist To Help A Gay Couple Get Engaged On Stage

Adele brings a gay couple on to the stage to get engaged during the middle of her show,

Energy 103.7–03/20/2017


[PHOTO] Megan Fox Reveals Lingerie Pics As She Headlines Fredrick’s Of Hollywood’s Spring Collection

Megan Fox headlines Frederick’s of Hollywood’s new Spring 2017 collection. and it truly is a sight to see!

Energy 103.7–03/15/2017

The Madness That Is March

The reason for all the madness that goes on during the greatest college basketball showcase to ever exist.

Energy 103.7–03/14/2017

McDonalds is Giving Away ‘Special Sauce’ Tomorrow, Here’s How to Make Your Own

Why wait, A.J. has a video tutorial right here, of how to make your own Big Mac suace.

Energy 103.7–01/25/2017

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