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Drake’s Chaperone Game is Strong at His Cousin’s Prom

Can you imagine being in high school and one of the biggest names in music crashes your prom?   Well that just happened when Drake escorted his little cousin Jalaah Moore and her date to […]

Energy 103.7–05/15/2017

[WATCH] Drake Does it All Even Tattooing

Not sure if he actually knows what he’s doing but it sure does look like it, lol.   Drizzy tattoos on artist out of Scotland gangatattoo‘s lower leg.  

Energy 103.7–05/09/2017

[WATCH} New Spider-Man Tom Holland Slays Riri’s ‘Umbrella’ on Lip Sync Battle

Who knew he could do this?!

Energy 103.7–05/08/2017

Are Zayn and PARTYNEXTDOOR Beefing?

“Still Got Time” is an amazing colab between Zayn and PARTYNEXTDOOR.   But seems that since the song has dropped something has happened between the 2. Fans noticed that PARTYNEXTDOOR unfollowed Zayn on Instagram and […]

Energy 103.7–04/27/2017

Did Selena Gomez Chop Her Hair Off?

If it’s real, it looks great!

Energy 103.7–04/26/2017

[WATCH] 47th Annual Chicano Park Day Recap

This year’s Chicano Park day was dedicated to Ramon “Chunky” Sanchez who passed last October.

Energy 103.7–04/25/2017

Rihanna Slammed for Birthday Photo of Queen Elizabeth

She meant it as a joke but her fans called her post disrespectful.

Energy 103.7–04/24/2017

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