Evonne Ermey

CBS San Diego Journalist & Digital Producer

John Mayer’s New Song is All About Missing Katy Perry!

What he sings in the song is even more swoon worthy.

Energy 103.7–03/23/2017

Watch Live Puppy Cam on National Puppy Day!

In celebration we’d like you to enjoy this live puppy cam

Energy 103.7–03/23/2017

Man Breaks up Street Fight with Wise Words #Inspirational

Here’s something to think about. 

Energy 103.7–03/22/2017

VIDEO: This Brahma Rooster Chicken is Real!

It’s a real, honest to goodness bird, last descendant of the dinosaurs.

Energy 103.7–03/21/2017

Free Dairy Queen Cones on the First Day of Spring

“Free Cone Day” excludes locations in malls and DQ Grill & Chill locations.

Energy 103.7–03/20/2017

VIRAL VIDEO: Amtrak Train Sends Snow Blast at Waiting Commuters

The train sends a wave of snow so powerful commuters are hurled across the platform, apparently knocking some to the ground.

Energy 103.7–03/17/2017

James Corden Performs ‘Beauty and the Beast’ in a Crosswalk

“There was someone looking through their sunroof guys! That is a standing ovation, guys!”

Energy 103.7–03/16/2017

The Afterglow: One Night Stand with Marshmello

Party on a school night? Work hard. Play Hard.

Energy 103.7–03/16/2017

Watch: Dave Chappelle’s New Netflix Special Trailer!

OJ, ISIS, and death by table salt. We. Cannot. Wait.

Energy 103.7–03/14/2017

The Roots Reenact ‘The Bachelor’ to Show us How CRAZY it REALLY Is

Questlove and Tariq used the REAL transcripts from the show to prove what we already know, everybody on this show is insane.

Energy 103.7–03/13/2017

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