Life is Beautiful Festival Las VegasWin your way into Life is Beautiful Festival with Sonic all this week.
Interview: MAX Talks 'Lights Down Low' with Sonic"Lights Down Low" featuring gnash, is easily one of the most romantic singles out right now, especially when you know the story behind the song.
Disney REVEALS there is a connection between ALL PIXAR MOVIES. WATCH THIS CLIP!!!Here's how they're connected.
Free Donut Friday! Sign Up To Win A Visit From SonicEvery other Friday, we'll bring two lucky people donuts at work!
Tinashe did NOT like my LA Dodger jokes....LMAO. Were they too CORNY??? WATCH THIS >>>
Men With Long Mustaches More Likely to Cheat....
Listen Fridays at 5p - #FiveOclockDrop!
NEW #BMZ: Selena Gomez is W/ Zedd & did she get new "Bumps" according to Rumors?!?!?!?
Wanna BMZ - Bruce Jenner is a Chick? Miley Cyrus the Twerkanator...
BMZ: Who is the latest "Nip Slip" Celeb?!?!? #iCloud
Wife gets caught cheating at her wedding reception by the BEST MAN on Video!

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